How to Clean Your Ascaso Coffee Machine in 5 Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Ascaso Coffee Machine

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If you’ve ever had a coffee maker, you are aware of how essential it is to your kitchen. You could even own a perfectly functional coffee maker that you bought many years ago. Unfortunately, coffee makers may gather dust and other debris over time, which ultimately results in a bad flavor and smell. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for your coffee maker to malfunction before cleaning it; you can quickly wipe it down and bring it back to perfect condition! We’ll go through 5 simple procedures to cleaning your Ascaso coffee maker in this article.


You should clean your coffee maker periodically since doing so will prolong the life of the appliance and enhance the flavor and quality of your coffee. Coffee grounds, scale, oil, and germs may all cause coffee makers to get unclean or blocked. Your coffee may taste and smell different as a result. Additionally, they may lead to a malfunction or breakdown of your computer, which might be both expensive and bothersome. You may avoid these issues and have a better coffee experience by routinely cleaning your coffee maker.


  1. Any stale or unpleasant flavors from used coffee grounds or oil are eliminated.
  2. By letting the water to pass through the coffee evenly and smoothly, you are improving its freshness and fragrance.
  3. You are keeping your machine at its ideal temperature and pressure, which might impact the espresso’s extraction and crema.
  4. By getting rid of any germs or mold that may develop in your machine, you are avoiding any contamination or deterioration of your coffee.
  5. By not fixing or replacing your machine components, you save time and money.

Five simple steps to cleaning your coffee maker

Step 1

Cleaning the machine components that come into touch with coffee grounds or water is the first stage in the process. The basket containing the coffee is held in place by a metal handle called a portafilter. The metal plate that spreads water over the coffee is the shower screen. The plastic or metal tray known as the drip tray is where any spills or drips from the machine land. The flavor and quality of your coffee may suffer if these components get blocked with oil or coffee residue. To prevent any electric shocks, you must first disconnect the equipment before cleaning them. Then, you must take these components out of the device and wash them with warm water and mild soap. Any difficult stains or deposits may be scrubbed with a brush or a cloth. Before putting them back on the machine, be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry them.

Step 2

In this stage, any scale or mineral buildups that may eventually form within the machine are removed. Scale may impact your machine’s functionality, durability, and coffee flavor. You must add a descaling solution, a liquid or powder that dissolves the scale, to the water tank of your machine in order to descale it. You may either purchase a descaling solution offline or online, or you can manufacture your own at home using vinegar and water. After that, you must let the descaling solution circulate through the machine for a few minutes. The scale within the machine will get loosened and disintegrate as a result. The tank must then be emptied and washed with new water. The machine must also be flushed with new water to remove any leftover descaling solution. Until the water flows clear, indicating that the machine is scale-free, you must continue this procedure.

Step 3

Check to see whether the machine’s components can be used again after being cleaned in Step 1. Reattaching the shower screen and portafilter to the machine might be beneficial. Make sure they are stable and straight. After that, you must flush them with water to remove any descaling solution that could have remained on them. Additionally, this will warm them for your subsequent cup of coffee. To avoid any water stains or rust, it would be beneficial to wipe them dry with a smooth towel after that.

Step 4

Polishing your machine is what this phase is all about. It would be beneficial if you used a moist cloth to wipe away any dust, filth, or fingerprints from the machine’s exterior. Avoid using strong or abrasive cleansers that might harm the finish or logo of your machine. Using too much water might damage the electrical components and should be avoided as well. Then, using a microfiber cloth—a soft, smooth cloth that may make your machine sparkle—you must polish the metal components of your machine. You should polish the metal components in circular movements to prevent scratches or streaks.

Step 5 

Complete the cleaning procedure and have your coffee maker ready for your next cup. The machine must be put back together, plugged in, and every component must be in its proper location and linked. The next step is to put some water through the steam wand and portafilter, the components of the espresso and milk frothing machine. By doing so, it will be ensured that they are in good working order and are free of any water or air entrapment. After cleaning your machine, your newly made coffee should taste better and be smoother. Now you can enjoy it. Cheers! 


Using the coffee maker is an excellent method to get coffee without spending a lot of money. The coffee maker contributes to energy conservation by using less power. Keep your coffee maker clean and make sure it is operating at its optimum if you want to get the most out of it. You may clean your coffee maker and optimize its performance with the aid of this article.


1. How should I best clean my Ascaso coffee maker? 

Use the provided brush to clean your Ascaso coffee maker for the best results.

2. Should I use a certain cleaning product? 

Yes, using a solution made specifically for your Ascaso machine would be beneficial.

3. What should I do if my coffee grounds are soiled?

 Use dirty coffee grounds to brew coffee if you have them.

4. How often should my Ascaso coffee maker be cleaned? 

Cleaning your Ascaso coffee maker at least once a week would be beneficial.

5. Should I clean my Ascaso coffee maker after using it to brew coffee? 

No, after using your Ascaso coffee maker to brew coffee, you don’t need to clean it.

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